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It's astonishing, in 2019, that racism can still exist but, as we have shown many times, it is still sadly running rife.

Sometimes you can often feel helpless to combat this sort of rhetoric. Should we report it to the police or allow the public to judge them?

Maybe all you need is a wicked sense of humour and brilliant comic timing?

That's exactly what Twitter user @jeylzzle witnessed when serving an old Mexican lady at the coffee shop where he works.

While talking Spanish to a woman, another woman in a wheelchair came up behind her and yelled:

We're in America, why don't you speak English?

The Mexican lady wasn't taking any of that and brutally replied.

You have legs why don't you walk?

Although we cannot condone racism or disabled discrimination, we have to say that this is an epic reply to bigotry.

The orignal tweet which was posted on December 26 has since gone viral and received more than 300,000 likes and 73,000 retweets.

Needless to say, people found it very amusing.

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