Michael Spicer gives Nadine Dorries' car crash BBC interview The Room Next Door treatment

Michael Spicer gives Nadine Dorries' car crash BBC interview The Room Next Door treatment
Nadine Dorries refuses to say how much she speaks to Boris Johnson ...
BBC Breakfast

The culture secretary has had The Room Next Door treatment from comedian Michael Spicer after her painfully awkward BBC interview went viral.

Nadine Dorries last week bookended a disastrous string of media interviews with a bizarre appearance on BBC Breakfast. Her combative attitude towards host Charlie Stayt was amongst the several cringe-inducing car-crash interviews she participated in last week as Whitehall grappled with the fallout of the interim Sue Gray report, several Number 10 aides throwing in the towel, and Boris Johnson’s controversial Jimmy Savile comment.

Naturally, Dorries’s interviews have inspired their fair share of jokes and parodies, with The Room Next Door creator Michael Spicer also weighing in.

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In a new skit uploaded this morning, funnyman Spicer pretends to guide Dorries through the embarrassing interview from the room next door.

“Why are you talking like you’re in court?” Spicer asked Dorries in response to her vague answers.

As the interview continued, he urged Dorries to give Stayt proper answers, but she remained difficult.

When Dorries refused to give anything away about her communication with the prime minister, Spicer fumed: “No, God forbid you’d answer a question on a news programme like a responsible adult rather than, say, a petulant humourless creep with all the personality of a bag of toenails.”

When Dorries asked Stayt for his next question, Spicer interjected: “Next question is why do you need a massive bookcase for one calculator?"

He continued: “And the question after that is how broken is our political system that a person who is so unqualified for any governmental position, and who has the same level of cultural knowledge as a horse with a washing basket on its head, can rise to become cabinet minister for culture, media and chuffing sport.”

Later in the interview when Dorries was asked if Johnson’s attitude had changed, she asked: “To what?”.

Translating Stayt’s polite probing, Spicer clarified: “To something that resembles basic human dignity, culture secretary. In a nutshell, is he less of a deeply unpleasant, lying, parasitic worm? That sort of thing.”

Since posting the clip this morning, it has so far received 275,000 views, 22,500 likes, and 5,500 retweets.

And it certainly seemed to tickle Twitter’s funny bone:

Michael Spicer previously had us giggling when he poked fun at speeches from Donald Trump, Matt Hancock, and Boris Johnson.

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