People have been saying 'Mirror Mirror on the wall' wrong for decades

People have been saying 'Mirror Mirror on the wall' wrong for decades
Rachel Zegler Comments Resurface About 'Snow White' And Have Sparked More Backlash
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Snow White is one of Disney's most well-known Princesses, and the animated film is beloved by many.

Perhaps the most famous aspect of the story is when the Evil Queen asked the mirror "mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?'

Every time the mirror tells the Evil Queen that she is the fairest, until one day the answer is Snow White.

“Thou, O Queen, art the fairest in the land,” turns to “Snow White, O Queen, is the fairest of them all,” unsurprisingly, the Queen is outraged.

"Mirror Mirror" has been iconic, and known for decades, but a knew TikTok has shocked many after the user suggested that it was never "Mirror Mirror", but rather "Magic Mirror."

If you're as confused as us, you're not alone.

TikTok creator @wordwaster333 who showed a clip from the film where the Evil Queen says "Magic Mirror" asked: "Are we in some parallel universe?"


Mirror Mirror on the wall… #mandelaeffect #snowwhite #proof #quamtumleap #paralleldimension #fyp #foryoupage #disney #evilqueen #waltdisneyworld

With over 10 million views, people started to call it an example of the Mandela Effect, which refers to a false memory that large numbers of people believe. The effect gets its name from thousands of people claimed to remember news coverage of Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the 1980s, despite his actual passing in 2013.

The comment section was divided on whether or not it was "Mirror Mirror" or "Magic Mirror", but lucky for you we have an explanation.

It's not actually a Mandela effect, rather both versions of the line are used in the telling of the story.

The original Brothers Grimm tale - and almost every other version of the story - use "Mirror Mirror", but the Disney animation refers to it as "Magic Mirror".

So regardless of which version you quote, you're still correct, it's mainly that "Mirror Mirror" is the most well-known phrase.

It's not known as to why Disney changed the line, but at least we know we weren't completely wrong for thinking it to be "Mirror Mirror".

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