Moana fans convinced character is singing explicit lyrics

Moana fans convinced character is singing explicit lyrics
Moana 2 (First Look Announcement)
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A fan of the Disney film Moana has highlighted how a line from one of the movie's popular songs sounds just like someone swearing in a Scottish accent.

And now fans can't unhear it after coming across the viral post.

Taking to X, formerly Twitter, Dean Johnson decided to share his observation with the internet by posting the clip of the song I Am Moana (Song of the Ancestors), and asking if others could also hear the same thing.

"I can't be the only one who hears, 'it's like the tide, always f**king rising,' in a heavy Scottish accent right?" he wrote.

Clearly, Dean wasn't the only one who noticed this as his tweet received over 4.5m views and 51,000 likes.

Since then, there has been a quite the response as people said they didn't notice this before until this tweet pointed it out to them, with some even saying that Dean has "ruined" the song for them.

One person wrote: "Noooooooooooooo I can't unhear it."

"I will never unhear it the Scottish way," another person agreed.

A third person added: "What does she actually say, because I've listened 10x times and can’t hear anything else."

"It's supposed to be 'falling and rising' but it seems like the 'falling' isn't fully enunciated so it comes out like 'fa- and rising' which sounds like..." a fourth person commented.

Someone else replied: "Well that’s that ruined."

In a follow-up post, Dean responded to the viral reaction his initial observation garnered.

"Well this blew up," he said. "Moana’s a banger of a film btw. Give it a rewatch with your new favourite f-bomb included."

"Thrilled to have improved/ruined this for y’all. P.S. support your local theatres and cinemas please and thank you."

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