Mum drops daughter off to college but ends up living the student dream herself

Twitter / @Avery_Leilani

The first day of college can be a daunting experience – you have to settle in to your new environment, learn the ropes, all while making new friends and having fun.

So spare a thought for Avery Leilani from Houston, Texas, who was upstaged by her mother at her freshman orientation.

After dropping her daughter off at the induction at Texas State University, Avery’s mum headed to the university football field to have lunch.

She then sent her daughter several pictures of her surrounded by shirtless football players, with the caption, “I made some friends. Don’t wait up!”

Avery moaned on Twitter, “My mom got more action than me…”

Her mum became an instant hit on social media.

Other students complained of their mums doing the same thing:

The college freshman posted the pictures on Twitter, and they have since been shared nearly 90,000 times.

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