Woman cancels wedding after discovering mum 'paid fiancé' to go out with her

<p>The woman discovered her relationship had been set up by her mum</p>

The woman discovered her relationship had been set up by her mum

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We can all agree that want the best for our loved ones, but would happen if you found out your mother paid someone to date you?

That’s precisely what happened to one former-bride-to-be who revealed that the whirwind romance she’d enjoyed had all been a sham.

The woman spoke out about her dreadful deceit after Buzzfeed asked readers to share the reasons why they’d called off their weddings.

She said that she had been with her boyfriend for just two months when he suddently proposed.

“It was all so fast and I was head over heels, so when he proposed with a massive diamond, I just went for it and said yes. I had nothing to lose,” she explained.

She added that her fiancé insisted the wedding should take place as soon as possible because they were so in love.

Like any parent, the woman’s mum seemed understandably overjoyed at the news. But it was when she started splashing the cash that her daughter’s suspicions were aroused.

“My mom bought me the most gorgeous dress (super expensive) and my parents paid for the whole thing,” she wrote.

“I always asked him why his parents wouldn’t pay, but my parents would butt in and say they insisted, and he claimed his family was poor,” she added.

This would be a fair justification, but – as she pointed out – how was he able to afford the massive rock on her engagement ring?

Unsettled by the circumstances, she started to investigate.

The woman’s beau bought her a ‘one-of-a-kind’ ringGift Habeshaw/Unsplash

“I got my hands on the store he bought the ring from through some careful snooping and went into the store where he bought it to see if it was real (it was!!!)” she wrote.

“The man at the store said it was one-of-a-kind and he remembered it being bought. Apparently, my fiancé didn’t buy it, my mother did.”

But the real clincher? “She bought it a month before my fiancé and I started dating.”


That’s when the pieces of the puzzle came together, as she questioned her mother’s apparent crystal ball.

It turns out the mum didn’t predict the whole thing, she had, in fact, set it all up.

The daughter explained how her mother knew the young man beforehand: “She met him through a friend and paid him to go out on our first date (to a five-star restaurant).

“She paid for all of our dates and, of course, my wedding because she was so desperate for me to get married and he was just in it for the money.”

The mother would stop at nothing to see her daughter tie the knotHermes Rivera/Unsplash

What on earth would drive a mother to do such a thing?

The daughter seems to think the whole fiasco has something to do with the fact she’d recently come out as bisexual.

“I had come out as bisexual about a year before all of this. I wonder if it was because she was so desperate to see me with a man and not a woman” she said.

“I am now dating a wonderful woman and my mother and I no longer speak.”

Not quite a fairytale ending, but at least every cloud has a silver lining...

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