It’s National Tea Day... so can we settle the debate over the best colour brew?

<p>It seems we’re divided on what tea colour is the best.</p>

It seems we’re divided on what tea colour is the best.

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It’s National Tea Day, which means the well-trodden but very important debate has come around again – what colour makes the perfect cuppa?

The answer to the question is very much a personal one, but it’s clear that each individual will defend their preference to the hilt.

In a bid to end the tea debacle, people have, over the years, shared graphics on social media showing a spectrum of colours to see if there was a clear winner.

The graphic below is just one example, with 36 colour variations of tea organised along two axis – A-F vertically and 1-6 horizontally – for people to pick their ultimate preference.

As you can see, the options are endless...

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And, judging by the replies, the jury is still out.

Or maybe not...

In 2018, a YouGov poll tried to settle this debate and asked: “How strong do Britons like their tea?” providing people with eight streamlined options.

Results showed that 47% of Brits preferred option E as their tea colour of choice – which we agree looks like a healthy tea-to-milk ratio.

Though some people prefer their cuppa stronger with option D coming in second at 19%. A lighter option, F, came third with 14%.

Has YouGov’s tea strength poll settled this debate once and for all?

And at Indy100, we agree with this poll.

Overall, E was the clear favourite among the staff, with four votes, while D came in second with two. As an avid bunch of tea lovers, we of course have the required skillset to make a final judgement call.

Case well and truly closed.

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