‘OK Boomer’ TikTok influencer called hypocrite after showing off $2million flat

‘OK Boomer’ TikTok influencer called hypocrite after showing off $2million flat

An influencer known for promoting democratic socialist messages has been branded a hypocrite after showing off her new $2million flat.

Nicole Sanchez, known as “Neekolul,” became an online sensation last year after uploading a clip of herself to TikTok sporting a Bernie Sanders t-shirt while dancing to a song consisting of the lyrics: “Whatever you say, Boomer. OK, Boomer.”

Sanchez, 23, who has also endorsed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “tax the rich” t-shirt, is prolific across all the main social media platforms, racking up well over a million followers.

But she is now being accused of bragging about her wealth after uploading a video offering fans a “$2,000,000 Apartment Tour.”

The 10-minute-long video sees her flaunting off her smart “Martha Stewart”-style kitchen (controlled via i-Pad), “East Wing” gaming room, master bedroom with “180 degree” views of the city skyline, and walk-in wardrobe, among other “fancy” features.

However, viewers were largely unimpressed by Sanchez’s new home, with the clip racking up almost 10 times as many “dislikes” as “likes” on YouTube alone.

One wrote: “Neeko’s whole MO: ‘Ew rich people’. Also Neeko: ‘2 million dollar apartment tour’.”

Another said: “She went from ‘eat the rich’ to ‘let them eat cake’ very quickly.”

While a third offered a more general assessment: “The overwhelming majority of people who endorse socialism love living their capitalist lifestyles.”

Despite the fierce criticism, Sanchez has not removed the clip from her channels, and it has been shared more than 1,000 times on Twitter in just three days.

Here’s how critics have reacted:

However, other users have defended the content creator, insisting she should still be able to call for higher taxes while being wealthy herself:

Still, another conceded that she could have advertised her “tour” in a more tasteful way:

Sanchez has previously attempted to defend her wealth, arguing that the rich are billionaires, not millionaires.

“I think when people mean, ‘Tax the rich,’ I think at the end of the day they do mean, like, billionaires and people who have insane, unfathomable amounts of wealth,” she said in a video posted last March.

While Googling herself, the 23-year-old also addressed the internet’s estimation of her net worth, which one website sets at $1-5 million.

She said she didn’t know whether the figures came from but didn’t deny it, simply saying: “If anyone wants to show me where those $1-5 million dollars are I would happily follow you and reclaim them because I have no idea where this money is at or where it’s from.”

She then argued that should still be allowed to hold the same political views, despite earning more money than when she first shot to “OK, Boomer” fame.

“If you’re doing better it shouldn’t change your train of thought with things,” she said. “All I’m doing is standing by the beliefs that I started off with.

She continued: “Whether I’m making this money or not, I just feel like it’s not something to be rude about. Because there’s nothing to be rude about.”

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