Woman triggers family row after changing Netflix password

A woman is embroiled in a family row after changing her Netflix password after her sister made fun of her taste in shows.

Posting in the Am I The A**hole subreddit, she explained that her sister asked for her Netflix login details a few months ago.

Her sister then shared the details with her boyfriend, but the Redditor didn’t mind as he used his own profile.

However a few days ago they had a family dinner at her sister’s house when she started roasting her for her taste in “stupid shows”.

Her sister admitted to snooping through her Netflix history to see what she had been watching.

She explained: “I told her this was not okay and I don’t want her going through my preferences and then going so far as making fun of me for it, and I changed the password to the account.

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“She called me yesterday, yelling about how I had no right to do that and calling me a b****.

“Now admittedly I do feel a little bad because her boyfriend technically didn’t do anything wrong. Does changing the password make me the a**hole?”

The comment section was firmly on the Redditor’s side.

The top comment with over 4,900 upvotes states that although the boyfriend did nothing wrong, her sister “abused” her login information. They added: “It’s a privilege, not a right, and you had EVERY right to change your info.”

Another said: “NTA [not the a**hole] you did something nice for her boyfriend and she decides to snoop and make fun of you, for absolutely no reason at all. Ya he did nothing wrong but he is dating her, so he losses out since she is an [a**hole].”

Another Redditor summed up the situation in six words: “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

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