People can’t believe how messy the New York Review of Books’ office is

Kate Plummer
Wednesday 05 May 2021 13:04
(Amanda Lees)

The New York Review of Books has the most cluttered office ever and people can’t believe it.

Posting on Twitter, author Amanda Lees gave people a look through the keyhole into the office and the scenes are shocking:

How people can work in that environment is baffling, and people on social media certainly thought so:

For others, it made them feel less horrified about their own offices:

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The office looks like a photo from a Where’s Wally? book. But Wally is nowhere to be found. Instead, notable items we have spotted include what appears to be a bottle of oil, empty liquor bottles and a houseplant – which we are sure is thriving.

Unsurprisingly, there are also loads of books, given that the New York Review of Books reviews books.

But regardless of the purpose of the office, we think it has gone too far and needs a serious declutter.

Marie Kondo, where you at?