NFL player’s son mocked for complaining about Biden and gas prices while wearing $1,295 hoodie

NFL player’s son mocked for complaining about Biden and gas prices while wearing $1,295 hoodie

Christian Walker, son of retired NFL player Herschel Walker, went viral for all the wrong reasons when he shared his reaction to high gas prices and tried to blame Democrats.

Walker's son recorded himself apparently in shock over having to pay nearly $100 for gas after he filled up his tank with around 20.9 gallons. He shared the video on Instagram alongside images of his photoshoot at the gas station and angry tweets with the caption, “OKAY THIS ISNT FUNNY ANYMORE. $98??? While Joe takes his afternoon naps and vacations at his beach house, GAS PRICES AND INFLATION ARE SOARING.”

The problem is that while he dramatically complained about having to spend $100, Walker was wearing a black Givenchy sweatshirt that retails for $1,295 online.

No, you really can’t make this stuff up.

“Y’all said Joe Biden is going to be the great unifier? This is divisive to my bank account and my hard earned money,” he says in the video, adding: “Democrats voted for this...I know this is a joke.”

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The Republican continued, “But I was voting for the guy who was going ‘to destroy America’—y’all were paying $30 for gas under my guy.”

In response to Walker's absurd reactions to the gas prices, many have pointed out and mocked his clothing choice. His right-wing ideals have also been depicted in many of his social media posts where he frequently shares his negative opinion of President Joe Biden.

One tweet read, “Let’s be clear: his dad is Herschel Walker. He’s never worked a day in his life.”

“Does Herschel Walker’s son Christian Walker, realize that everyone is laughing at him, not with him ? The spoiled child of a multi-millionaire, wearing a $1,300 hoodie, filling up his Range Rover, bitches abt the price of gas ? He makes a complete fool of himself here. LMAO !!!” read one tweet.

Another wrote, “$100? My God. That’s 1/13th of your Givenchy hoodie!”

“You know the President doesn’t have a magic lever to raise or drop gas prices right?” one person asked.

In response to some critics, Walker has responded by saying his Givenchy hoodie has nothing to do with the fact “that working class Americans are struggling with gas prices right now.”

And in response to being slammed as a “wealthy brat” who has never had to work thanks to his father he wrote in a tweet, "sorry that you're jealous. Work harder."

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