This two-month-old baby joins the ranks of the surprisingly bequiffed.

Posting to Reddit, a father shared a photo of his daughter, Alexandra, in order to show off her excellent head of hair.

Hairy newborns are not uncommon, but usually the hair falls out after a few baths. Not the case for this one.

Proud father Brian Gorham posted this image:

Extremely impressive stuff.

Though baldness is maternal, so we should applaud this man for impregnating a woman with good hair genes.

Bravo sir.

Many of the comments compared the pout to Derek Zoolander, the male model character created by Ben Stiller.

Le Tigre/Blue Steel

Brian confirmed the resemblance, in a comment on Reddit.

Wow this post really exploded, just like her hair😆. For anyone wondering, her name is Alexandra, and she's half Filipino and definitely takes after her mother. I have on multiple occasions referred to her as Magnum.

Alexandra joins Junior Cox-Noon, who was nicknamed 'Baby Bear' after developing his own shock of head hair.

The cause of hairy babies is unknown, though one 2007 study pointed to heartburn as a possible cause.

Research by Johns Hopkins University found that mothers suffering from heartburn during pregnancy were more likely to have hairy babies.

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