'Love rat' investigator hired to catch cheating husbands sends nudes to expose them

'Love rat' investigator hired to catch cheating husbands sends nudes to expose them
Relationship expert reveals quickest way couples can regain trust after cheating

A 'love rat' investigator has made it her mission to expose cheats (over 1,000 of them so far) at just $30 a pop for her service - and sends nudes as part of the loyalty test.

As a high schooler, Madeline Smith was “obsessed” with the TV show Cheaters which uncovered people’s two-timing ways live on air and from this, she decided to create a business in real life that did the very same thing.

Initially, Smith and her friends attempted to emulate the TV show with people they knew - though they didn’t have much success.

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But in 2018 she decided to give the loyalty tests a proper go full-time.

"It's kind of crazy how it evolved," Smith said.


"I was obsessed with the TV show Cheaters and eventually it turned into a thing where other women would ask me to investigate their men.

"In 2018, I properly formed the loyalty test. With all the experience I've had over the years, I decided to come up with a game plan and system."

The 30-year-old from Los Angeles –who is in a relationship – is able to utilise her sleuthing skills via multiple mobile phones and social media accounts in order to trace cheaters.

It all starts with Smith receiving information from a client via a contact form who suspects their partner is cheating, and they provide details about their relationship such as any past offences, along with how strong Smith should be in her technique.

After some investigating, Smith then decides whether to accept that case since she’s claimed that some cases can be extremely dangerous and in those instances, recommends the client to seek legal advice instead.

But for those she accepts, Smith then messages the man who is under suspicion from their partner in order to see if they take the bait.

If they do, Smith progresses the conversation further, but only to where the client feels comfortable - and Smith even sends nudes to try and catch the men out.

Madeline Smith, a 'love rat' investigator has exposed over 1,000 cheatsSWNS

"I submit everything into a confidential database and then hit up the guy. It could take five minutes to get through to them - or two days," she explained.

"I see if they take the bait and then I will tell the girl and see what they want. For some just replying is enough to prove their infidelity."

Smith detailed how much of her work is "intuitive."

"There are so many types of guys and I know exactly how to play each one - smart guys, dumb guys, suspicious guys.

"I feel so much of it is intuitive. I can look at a profile and immediately know [a guy's] personality."

As Smith deals with different men, she explains how she adjusts her technique according to the guy’s personality, interests, and previous weaknesses.

She added: "When I was assessing a recent client's boyfriend, he was very suspicious - he didn't give a lot back, but was engaging and ultimately failed.

"He liked the attention and was smart and I ended up using maths with him and he directed me towards Snapchat.

"I did sexting and videos with him. I would ask questions such as, 'Do you want the circumference or the diameter?'. It turned into a teacher-student dynamic."

Smith noted a pattern in the men she investigates - 80 per cent of the messages she receives from clients concern repeat offenders.

Sometimes the men she catches out are married with children, so she can help the women gain an advantage in divorce proceedings.

She said: "One client's husband spent so much money on hookers and hotels and racked up debt on a credit card with cam girls.

"She asked me to help prove he was still doing it so she could take half the money back."


Smith claims she has a legal team to ensure she is abiding by nuanced laws in different areas.

So far, she has completed over 1,000 cases and some clients are returning customers as they request her to do a check on their romantic partners.

A standard loyal test by Smith will cost $30, but this can rise for more complex cases that require more time and effort.

On her price point, Smith said: "I'm not looking to put my hand in anyone's bank account. Most girls are very cognisant of time and we work with each other as we go.

"Depending on the financial situation of my girl, I can bend at times."

Despite catching out many cheaters, there have been some success stories where accused men have passed the loyalty test with flying colours – which also makes Smith happy too.

"My favourite thing is to get blocked. The guys who pass will say I have a wife, girlfriend or fiancée and she wouldn't like this.

"The best thing is when they say thank you for reaching out and block me,” she added.

Using her expertise, here are Madeline’s tips on how to spot a cheat:

  1. They use Snapchat
  2. They hide their passcode and notifications - for example, they will put their phone face down
  3. You have a intuitive feeling
  4. He's constantly jealous and making accusations
  5. They expect you to have extremely strong boundaries with men meanwhile they indulge in any kind of female attention

For a loyalty test, visit Madeline's TikTok: @madelinethereal.

Additional SWNS reporting by Lydia Patrick.

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