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Like many people who receive cancer diagnoses, when Jenn Hanniston found out she had stage 1B melanoma on her calf in 2020, it opened her eyes and made her re-evaluate her life.

The 33-year-old from Essex turned to her husband of 10 years, Brad, and suggesting pursuing something she had always wanted to do- OnlyFans.

“I got the cancer diagnosis in lockdown, and it was a bit eye opener," Jenn says. "It really makes you re-evaluate your life and what you want to do."

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As a former webcam girl, Jenn had experience being naked on camera and wanted to give OnlyFans a go.

So, with the support of her husband, and an all-clear from doctors after having the growth surgically removed, Jenn decided to sign up for the website.

"Why not do something we enjoy doing and make some money?" She says.

Now, the Hannistons are making up to £21k a month and say OnlyFans has made them "better parents".

The couple, who uses stage names online, said OnlyFans allowed them to quit their day jobs and spend more time with their three children.

“The money is great but one of the best perks is spending more time with the kids, Jenn said. "We spend more quality time together - it's made us better parents."

In addition to their OnlyFans, the couple also run social media accounts on Instagram and TikTok. They have accumulated over 38m likes and 950k followers on TikTok.

The Hannistons say they spend four hours a day filming for their social media pages and OnlyFans.


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Like many other OnlyFans stars, Jenn and Brad have been able to make a good living through the website.

Brad says they were shocked at the amount they've made from OnlyFans, “we thought we’d make a few hundred and couldn't believe it went it crept into thousands."

But it's not without hard work.

"Nowadays, you can’t just sell some pics of your feet at expect to make thousand," he says. "You have to give people the full shebang – it has to be worth it for them."

For $10 a month, the two fulfill subscribers and viewers requests while posting other saucy content.

Jenn says "one of the craziest requests we had was to pee on each other which we did. It was a very funny moment - as husband and wife, we can have fun and a laugh about it."


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“You have one life, why not embrace it?" Jenn says.

Credit: Katie Pearson, SWNS

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