Pool of water creates optical illusion and confuses drivers

Despite their name, optical illusions actually have much more to do with the brain than our eyes.

They can make us see movements that aren’t there, make us understand things about our personalities and can make us see colour when there is none.

One optical illusion has gone viral by tricking your brain and eyes into believing that a black and white image is showing in colour.

In a clip posted by @hecticnick, he revealed that by simply staring at a black dot on a black and white picture for around ten seconds, we can easily fool our brains.

At first, the image of a building front lined with trees appeared over-saturated with hews of blue and pink. @hecticnick told the viewer to stare at the black dot close to the centre of the picture.

In the video, he said: “Try this right now. Focus your eyes on this black dot. Do so for about ten seconds. Keep your eyes right on that spot.”


Your eyes are about to trick you! 🤯 #illusions #foryoupage #fyp

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Next, the image changes from over-saturated, to an image in black and white. However, if the viewer has been staring at the black dot as instructed, the picture actually appears to be in colour until the effect gradually wears off.

He continued: “Watch what happens as it now changes. This image is black and white but I bet you saw some colour when it changed.”

People in the comments were left baffled by the illusion.

Someone commented: “Wow it's true.”

Another wrote: “but how.”

One person replied: “if u don't blink you can see colour.”

“saw it,” another user confirmed.

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