Parents try to get rebellious daughter to ‘grow up’ by ‘dumping her on deserted island’

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Teenagers can be incredibly annoying. You might hope to banish them to a deserted island until they grow up. But you wouldn’t, right?

Well according to China Press that is exactly what a fed up mother and father did.

The publication said the parents were tired of their 13-year-old daughter’s poor behaviour after she dropped out of school, so they took her to a bit of empty land in Shandong, China and left her there to “grow up”.

The rocky outcrop is located one kilometre off the coast of Rushan City and has been deserted for many years. It has no running water or electricity. The parents left her with a survival expert, the publication reports, but this was not enough to make the stay pleasant.

According to China Press, the girl spent two days on the island before flagging down some fisherman who rescued her and reported the issue to the police.

When officers arrived she told them she reportedly told them she “can’t stand” living there on only water and compressed biscuits.

The police then ordered the parents to take their distressed daughter home and they reluctantly agreed to do so, after noting that she seemed to have matured during the two day stay.

And we thought Supernanny was strict.

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