Pick a pen. The answer can tell you what class you are
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A recent study by Stanford University looked at the correlation between the choices we make and our social class.

Participants were presented with five pens. Four of the pens were covered in green plastic, one in orange.

All five pens wrote in black ink.

The study provides interesting insights into how the decisions you make can be influenced by your class.

Identifying as working class means led to a 72 per cent chance you will pick one of the green pens, which represented the majority.

Those who identify as middle class were 58 per cent more likely to pick the lone orange pen.


According to the study, people who consider themselves to be middle class, tend to emphasise individuality and uniqueness, whereas those who identify as working class value communalism – an ‘us’ rather than ‘me’ mind set.

However, it must be noted that only 50 people participated in the social study, and more subjects are needed before any academic conclusions can be drawn.

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