People believe this strange light shining through a hotel plug hole is Pennywise from It

<p>Pennywise is probably not in this bath but it sure does look like it</p>

Pennywise is probably not in this bath but it sure does look like it


Social media users have been left confused over a strange light shining through a plug hole in a hotel bath, labelling it “a portal to hell

The picture was shared in the Facebook group ‘Things Found in Walls - And Other Hidden Things’ by an anonymous hotel guest who asked others to suggest what was happening.

“I’m in a hotel and I just noticed that the bath drain has a light coming from it. What could it be?”

At first glance, the photo shows a typical looking bathroom, complete with all the usual fittings; tiled walls and shower curtain.

On a more detailed inspection, you can spot an eerie orange glow coming out of the plughole.

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Members of the group commented on the post, saying it was “creepy as f***”

One user compared it to the classic horror movie It, based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, writing “Uh dunno, but if someone down there asks if you’d like a balloon, just say no.”

One declared “it’s clearly a portal to hell”

However, using the collective power of the social media hive mind, a user came up with the most realistic answer.

“Most hotels have a chase between the rooms where all the mechanical systems are exposed so they can be maintained.”

“If the trap in the tub is plastic and the maintenance person left the light on, it will be visible in your room. That’s probably what’s happening here.”

If you ask us, that sounds a lot less scary than Pennywise lurking in your WC.

This follows a recent spree of viral videos of people discovering hidden rooms in their own homes including a hidden apartment and a secret basement.

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