People are torn over whether 'Stay Another Day' is a Christmas song

People are torn over whether 'Stay Another Day' is a Christmas song

Cliché, cheesy and much-loved, 'Stay Another Day' is surely a festive classic.

Yet some don't think the hit by East 17 should count as a Christmas song at all.

This might come as a shock.

After all, the tune is played at seemingly every Christmas party, features cheery bells and the music video has weird digital snow that would fill anyone with festive warmth.

However, those who know their nineties bands point that out the original music video - and prepare to be horrified - has no snow in.

And there's the small issue that Christmas isn't mentioned in the lyrics. At all.

Brits are understandably split on the contentious issue.

YouGov surveyed 1680 people, asking them whether they think 'Stay Another Day' is a Christmas song,

29 per cent thought it was, 34 per cent though it wasn't and 37 per cent wisely stayed out of the argument altogether, saying they didn't know.

Breaking the results down by age showed that over 55s were more strongly against the East 17 tune being classed a Christmas song, while 18 to 24 year olds split into the opposite direction.

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