'One in a billion' perfectly round egg found in supermarket

'One in a billion' perfectly round egg found in supermarket
Which Came First: The Chicken Or The Egg? Science Has An Answer

It was one Australian woman's lucky day after she found a "one in a billion" perfectly round egg in her grocery shop.

The rare circular egg was bought at Woolworths supermarket and amazed at her discovery she shared a video of it with Melbourne’s 3AW broadcaster Jacqui Felgate.

In the Instagram post sharing the clip, Felgate wrote: "From a follower. Not my egg."

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"This is so random, but I thought I would share this eggcellent find - in our egg carton we found a round egg."

She then added how she did a "quick Google" and that's when she found out this egg was 1 in a billion - "... literally 1 in a billion eggs are round and the last one that was found sold for over $1400!!! - (purchased at Fisherman’s Bend Woolies)."


The chances of finding a round egg? 1 in 1 billion 🥚

People in the comments were also stunned at the egg's roundness and shared their thoughts, with some sharing concern for the "poor chicken" that had to lay the unusually shaped egg.

Of course, there were some egg-based jokes, as one person jested: "Yolkidding me."

"I thought it was a giant caramel Lindt ball!!" another person said.

Someone else added: "Going to check my eggs a bit more closely before they get poached now! We could be having a very expensive poached egg brekkie if we cracked it before realising it was a round egg."

"The question is… are you going to eat it or sell it? Haha," a fourth person commented.

We'll all definitely be checking our box of eggs next time we're shopping at the supermarket...

Elsewhere, TikTok users urge people to stop the dangerous boiled egg method.

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