Polish military museum asks guests to stop having sex among the exhibits

Polish military museum asks guests to stop having sex among the exhibits
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A military museum in Poland has asked visitors to kindly stop engaging in sexual acts at the museum, leading to mass media attention.

Fort Gerhard, also known as the Eastern Fort, museum located in Świnoujście, Poland showcases an abundance of historic artillery. It is considered one of the best-preserved Prussian coastal artillery forts in Europe.

And apparently, artillery really turns some people on.

Fort Gerhard posted to their Facebook page last week asking visitors to refrain from having sex in the museum's exhibits.

"Dear Guests, please understand - most of the Exhibits in our museum are objects "born" many years ago and lived in completely different ordinary standards. Conservative, orthodox and disturbing. We don't expose them to discomfort!" The translated post reads.

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The museum attached photos of CCTV cameras and informed guests that they do have security cameras that record all hours of the day, so they're not being as sneaky as they thought. Plus staff may feel uncomfortable when viewing the footage.

The post attracted national attention with over 70 shares and 600 likes. Several Polish news outlets reported on the story which then led to European and US reporting.

So how often are people fraternizing in the museum that they have to make a public statement? Apparently too often.

Piotr Piwowarczyk, the director of the museum, told Gazeta Wyborcza"In less than a month since the beginning of the holidays we’ve already had three recordings of lovers engaged in trysts.”

While the museum of sex may expect some customers to feel the passion as they walk through, Fort Gerhard is an unexpected place to feel so inclined to rendezvous.

"We understand that unique exhibits, or uniformed service can give you shivers, EXCITEMENT and excitement!" The museum wrote sarcastically.

In Poland, public indecency can result in a €365 fine.

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