Everyone fell for this parody account's 'take' on Russia sanctions' impact on landlords

Everyone fell for this parody account's 'take' on Russia sanctions' impact on landlords
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Sometimes satire is just too on the nose, and this is what one parody account must have learned yesterday when his 'take' on Boris Johnson sanctioning Russia over escalating tensions in Ukraine was taken a little too seriously.

Writing on Twitter, Tim Chapman (@IslingtonChap) trolled the internet by claiming sanctions on Russia could negatively impact landlords, so it is probably best just to go to war instead.

He wrote: "Going after Russian Dark money could cause house prices in Central London to crash overnight. Rents could plummet, jeopardising the livelihoods of tens of thousands of landlords. Hold Mr Putin to account, robustly, by all means. But do so sensibly. Pragmatically. Declare war."

While he was joking, and is known for satirising a stereotype of a centrist North London father and landlord, safe to say, people took the bait:

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Though some people did notice it was just a joke:

In case you don't know the context of what 'Tim' was satirising, Johnson announced on Tuesday that three billionaire allies of the Russian president and five Russian banks would face sanctions in response to escalating tensions in Ukraine.

Some like the Labour Party said these didn't go far enough, while foreign secretary Liz Truss was today grilled about Russian donations to the Conservative party.

But won't someone think of the landlords?

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