Help crown the king of fried fish in MSP Mag's Fish Fry ...

A former personal chef for Queen Elizabeth revealed the interesting way Her Royal Highness likes to eat her fish and chips.

Darren McGrady, who served as the Queen's chef at Buckingham Palace in the 1980s and 1990s, said he would prepare the fish baked and bread-crumbed, not deep-fried and battered.

"So the Queen wouldn't really eat the fish fried in all that crispy rich batter, [it's a] little bit too much for her. She preferred a more refined fish and chips," McGrady said in a video uploaded to his YouTube channel.

He also explained that the chips are "all cut the same length" in perfectly neat "rectangles" stacked around like a "tower" next to the fish.

And instead of adding tartar sauce to the meal, McGrady said that the head of the British Royal Family enjoys tarragon hollandaise sauce, which is made from whisked egg yolks, lemon juice, salt , pepper, tarragon and clarified butter.

Mushy peas are also not included in this dish for Her Majesty.

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British Fish and Chips - The Queen's Way or The Traditional Way ? - Part

Many people took to the comments of the YouTube video to share their positive opinions on the Queen's fish and chips.

One wrote: "That's the most refined-looking plate of fish and chips I've seen, and it looks absolutely delicious Greetings to you, Darren from Melbourne, Australia - really enjoying watching your cooking in these videos."

"I like this technique because it doesn't require heating a gallon of oil or a deep fry set up, just an oven," another added.

A third wrote: "Ahh, those golden chips!! I never knew about blanching them first; great idea! Both styles are awesome, but ultimately I'll go for the traditional.

Someone else jokingly compared the presentation of the chips to Jenga wood blocks and added: "Did the Queen ever play Jenga with her chips when you stacked them up like that?"

In a recent interview with HELLO! Magazine, McGrady also revealed that the Queen's beloved corgis had a "royal menu" that would be picked and sent to the staff in the kitchen every month "by Mrs Fennick, who took care of all the dogs at Sandringham."

He also said that the dogs had a lot of variety in their diets and would have different types of meals each day.

"It would list each day what the dogs were to have. One day it would be beef, the next day chicken, the next day lamb, the next day rabbit, and it alternated through those days," he told the outlet.

McGrady has also prepared meals for other royal family members, including Princess Diana, Prince William and Harry for 15 years.

He's even cooked for US presidents, such as Bill Clinton, George Bush Sr, and George Bush Jr, to name a few.

Elsewhere, when it comes to etiquette, members of the Royal Family must avoid shellfish when they are out of public duties to avoid the possibility of food poisoning.

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