Queen Elizabeth shows off ‘cute’ acting skills with Paddington skit for BBC ...

A BBC reporter has been mocked online for his deadpan explanation about the Queen's famous sketch with Paddington Bear.

The sketch was part of her Platinum Jubliee celebrations earlier this year and showed Paddington turned up for lunch at the palace, as the pair shared where they liked to store their marmalade sandwiches.

Since the Queen's passing on September 8, the scene has been remembered, with mourners even leaving sandwiches and Paddington Bear toys as tributes at Buckingham palace.

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It was brought up by a BBC reporter who shared "insight" into how the clip was filmed.

"Can I just add something about the Paddington Bear skit that we've all seen," the reporter said.

"We should remember that she acted that in an empty space! It wasn't the real Paddington there, even though it looked like it.

"She acted out what she would say to Paddington and then the CGI experts went in and animated a Paddington image for her!"

The explanation quickly went viral online as people pretended to be shocked upon learning Paddington is in fact not a real bear and cracked some jokes in the process.

We hate to break it to you, but the Queen also didn't skydive into the Olympic stadium with James Bond either back at the 2012 London Games as others sarcastically pointed out.

Elsewhere, mourners paying their respects to the Queen have been urged not to bring Paddington Bear toys or marmalade sandwiches as tributes.

The Royal Parks have said teddy bears, corgi soft toys, balloons, lit candles or any non-floral items will not be accepted either at the designated London tribute site in Green Park.

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