Gold-plated Nintendo Wii designed for Queen is up for sale on eBay
Photo courtesy of don_cv/ eBay

Queen Elizabeth II is one of the richest and most-recognizable women in the world. And with that comes some pretty sweet perks.

Among them: a 24-karat gold-plated Nintendo Wii.

THQ Nordic, a company that curates “ancient and exotic intellectual properties,” commissioned the gaming console for the Queen in 2009. In an article fromCNN, THC no longer exists, and the stock was purchased by its stock was purchased by a private buyer, Donny Fillerup, the current owner of the Wii and founder of

Sadly, the palace couldn’t accept the gift. We suspect it was a bad look to take gold-plated gifts from strangers, and there’s no evidence the Queen is into video games. But it was also revealed that this was a marketing campaign for THC .

During the interview with,  he also revealed that the reason for which describes itself as the “ultimate console database,” that he is “moving on with life” and that he could use the money to purchase a new home.

Revealed that he is selling the console on eBay because he is moving forward in life “ and purchasing a new home. He also revealed money wasn’t always readily available to him or his family.

I started talking to people about moving forward, and they told me nothing lasts forever, “ Fillerup said in the interview.  I’m the type who is attached to things in a way that I find it hard to let them go. So selling the Wii will also help me move forward in this respect,” he continued.

Now, you can get your hands on it. It’s listed on eBay and seller ‘Donny’ confirmed that the 24-karat golden Nintendo Wii was, in fact, made for the Queen and that it’s been in his possession for quite some time now.

One problem: it’s pretty expensive. $300,000 to be exact.

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24 Karat Golden Nintendo Wii that was made for Queen Elizabeth II

“In 2017 I was lucky enough to buy this Wii. However, I kept it very low profile for 2 years, Donny wrote in the eBay description. “Then, in 2019 the producers from “People Make Games” investigated and came to interview me regarding the golden Wii. The announcement, that this famous lost console was found caused a massive media reaction, “ he continued.

24 Karat Golden Nintendo Wii that was made for Queen Elizabeth II

24 Karat Golden Nintendo Wii that was made for Queen Elizabeth II

He added that the console will be featured in a documentary later in the year.

The console is in usable condition but has a little wear at the bottom. Donny says it was probably “used at one point.”

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