Quiz: Can you spot the letter hidden in these dots?

It's the latest viral sensation to sweep the web. So here it is, a memory quiz.

It supposedly tests your visual recall, so take the test which everyone else on the internet seems to be taking.

To give you a brief taster, look at these two images:

Can you tell what letter the red dots make when the images are put together?

Scroll down for the answer...

It's a 'G'. Did you get it right? Well done you.

If you did, you may be part of the one per cent with a photographic memory, according to questionable internet folklore.

Take the full quiz, below:

The test, made on Playbuzz by user 'meganelizabeth10', creator of other scientific quizzes such as "Can We Guess Your Male Celebrity Crush In Just 8 Questions?", "Which Disney Prince Should You Kiss Under The Mistletoe?" and "Watch Channing Tatum Bust 7 Dance Moves in 30 Seconds!", claims in the headline that only "1 per cent of the population can pass this photographic memory quiz".

Despite there being no explanation or source whatsoever for this claim, many news outlets have repeated it as if a certain 100 per cent sciencefact.

It's almost certainly not, given the large amounts of people online who have found the quiz relatively easy.

Sadly, it seems that you don't find out you have a prodigious memory by taking quizzes on the internet. Who knew?

Were you part of the "one per cent" with a "photographic memory"? Let us know in the below poll:

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