A budget RuPaul Christmas ornament has both delighted and frightened Twitter.

The cheap Christmas tree decoration is meant to depict the world-famous drag queen, but it misses the mark by a long shot.

The doll’s eyelashes look as though they’re drawn on with a sharpie (they probably are), and the cut-crease eye makeup makes it look as though he has three sets of eyebrows. Sperm-shaped glitter is strewn over a yellow mound of plastic “hair” and his mouth is fixed in a grimace. Oof.

It didn’t take long for the cursed image to land under the real RuPaul’s nose.

RuPaul certainly got great enjoyment over the picture, as he shared and retweeted several posts about the botched figurine last night.

Former RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Trixie Mattel tweeted: “Just bought a dozen of these LMAO” to which Ru replied: “Catch me outside, b****!”.

Trixie wasn’t the only person to order the ornament, with Twitter user Austin Sherry sharing a snap with his botched Ru.

Naturally, someone also ran it through the Yassify Bot.

Twitter absolutely loved the memes and reactions to the freaky figurine, with one even hoping someone will dress up as the ornament during the next season’s Snatch Game segment.

Some pointed out questionable depictions of other celebrities, including Mariah Carey and Cher.

It’s good to see Ru taking it all in his stride.

After all, if you can’t love frightening Christmas ornaments of yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?

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