A man's 'shrimps is bugs' tattoo has become an instant meme

A man's 'shrimps is bugs' tattoo has become an instant meme
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Getting a tattoo is a permanent commitment which some end up regretting, like one man who took to Reddit to ask what he should cover his "Shrimps is bugs," tattoo with.

In a post to Reddit's r/TattooDesigns forum, user Lewbular was looking for some inspiration for a cover-up tattoo wrote: “I need ideas for a horizontal design for this dub tattoo I got when I was 19."

That tattoo itself is located on one of the guy's legs just above the knee in a simple sans-serif font "shrimps is bugs," and added the kind of design he's looking for to replace the bizarre tattoo.

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"I like American tradition black and grey type stuff but I haven’t been able to find any designs that would cover it and look good," he added.

But he ended up getting a different response entirely as everyone urged him to keep the original inking.

One person wrote: "This may be the best tattoo I’ve ever seen. It would be a travesty to get it covered. Now, what you should do is get a frame tattoo around it."

"Honestly I would just add more tattoos around it so it looks more natural. It'll blend in with the rest of them. I f***in love this tattoo. Shrimps is bugs," another person said.

Someone else added: Hahahah I just love the idea that this guy got the funniest/greatest tattoo of all time, to the extent that he can’t even ask for advice on how to get rid of it b/c we all just like it so much.

"19 year old you created a masterpiece, don’t go back on it now! Shrimps is bugs!!!" a fourth person commented.

Since then the "shrimps is bugs" tattoo has been making rounds on other social media platforms such as Twitter where one woman shared the photo along with some Reddit comments.

"Reddit is mostly bad, but this thread of a man asking for advice about covering up a tattoo, only for everyone to think he’s insane for wanting to cover up 'shrimps is bugs,'" she said.

This also spurred a lot of reaction, with over 55,000 likes and users showed some love for the tattoo as well.

Ironically, the man posted with the purpose to find another design to cover it with and now people are jokingly saying they want the tattoo themselves.

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