If there’s anything that can reach across political and cultural divides, it is, of course, the shared experience of cringing at oneself and your peers while taking part in some good old fashioned karaoke.

That’s what brought former UKIP leader Nigel Farage, wrestler John Cena, and pizza brand Domino’s together last night.

Last night’s Sing Your Dialect session in Twitter Spaces popped off last night, with some of the most well-known faces on the platform dropping in to listen to a song or two.

Footballers Aaron Ramsdale and Declan Rice, YouTuber KSI, MTV’s Catfish co-host Julie Adenuga, singer Stacey Solomon, and several official football clubs and brand accounts were also said to have joined the Twitter Space.

The Somali embassy in Turkey even popped in:

The event was such a hit that its host, Jacob, has allegedly been invited to the Grammys via DM.

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Some shared highlights from last night’s virtual karaoke session:

People absolutely loved it, sharing memes and reactions:

After it all ended last night Jacob tweeted to say he was “absolutely overwhelmed” and promised to return tonight at 7pm.

Will you join tonight? Maybe if we’re lucky Boris Johnson will treat us to the Peppa Pig theme tune...

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