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Keeping up with fast-moving fashion can burn a hole in your pocket - and it doesn't look like that's going to change in 2018.

Brace yourself. It turns out your beloved comfy pair of skinny jeans is now dead and a whole new style is in vogue this year.

That's according to denim company J Brand - and, let's be honest, they probably know their stuff when it comes to jeans.

Here, they predict what the new season will bring.

Basically, this year will be all about strong silhouettes.

A representative at J Brand told Who What Wear:

Fit takes center stage for spring, with a particular emphasis on silhouettes: straight-leg, high-rise, cropped lengths, and forward wide-leg shapes all meant to be worn from day to night

M.i.h Jeans have their own more ragged take on the silhouetted style.

While Topshop offer up a lot more sparkle.

If you're not bursting at the seams with excitement, take a look at these coloured jeans that are also set for a big year.

The J Brand spokesperson continued:

The colour palette for spring highlights the staple shades every woman needs in her wardrobe for the season: soft pastels in an off-white macadamia, pale pink, and light minty blue.

Levis have their own take on eye-popping colour.

Whatever the new year brings, it looks like denim will remain a wardrobe staple.

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