'Smile' promo campaign puts 'creepy' people in background of prime-time TV shows

'Smile' promo campaign puts 'creepy' people in background of prime-time TV shows
Creepy Fans 'Smile' At MLB Games

Major League Baseball (MLB) got a little spooky during some games after they were infiltrated by actors with creepy smiles promoting the new horror filmSmile.

The genius marketing tactic, which was implemented by Paramount Pictures, worked.

Several of the games aired on major TV stations Friday (23 September), including the Los Angeles Dodgers vs. St. Louis Cardinals, New York Mets vs. Oakland Athletic's and New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox, experienced the moment.

There was at least one person displayed in the open and positioned behind home plate that maintained a super ominous smile the entire time.

There was a notable time during the Mets and A's game when a woman, sporting a neon green shirt with the word SMILE written across, was seen smiling awkwardly as she sat down.

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People on social media were quick to share their opinions, with many mentioning how terrifying the actors.

Others thought Paramount did a fantastic job with the marketing for the upcoming film.

One person on Twitter wrote: "This will for sure give you nightmares.'

"How to get me not to see your movie," another added, while a third quipped: "I would be so angry that I finally bought great seats and that joker is next to me."

Someone else added: "Holy s***! What a creative way to promote a movie! Whoever is in marketing better get a raise for this!"

Check out other reactions below.

It's unclear if there were other actors at other games, but the promo is definitely a classic example of excellent marketing.

Smile is set to be released in theaters Friday, 30 September.

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