Friends screengrab

We've gone into double digit years since the last episode of Friends aired (2004), and yet it's like the gift that keeps on giving.

One fan saw a blooper that went unnoticed for years.

In The One Where Ross Dates a Student, Matt LeBlanc can be seen mouthing Rachel’s lines as she says them.

In the episode, Rachel is throwing wet paper towels on the TV cupboard, before proclaiming “I love it at Joey's”.

LeBlanc mouths along to the words and then, if on cue, grins.

Was he reminding himself when to laugh? Was he merely bored out his skull from what was probably a bunch of filming that day?

Or did he leave it there, like a golden egg, for fans to find?

Friends was added to Netflix in January, and a brand new generation of viewers will be spotting the little imperfections that make Friends what it is.

H/T Cosmo

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