This is why Monica's apartment was purple in Friends

Friends finished over ten years ago - but among all the plot lines it has now expertly tied up, one gaping hole remains.

Why is Monica's apartment purple? Surely we've all wondered it.

Okay, maybe not, but some Friends fanatics out there definitely have and now they finally have the answer.

Picture:Picture: YouTube / stansmith88

It turns out out that the bold lilac walls aren't just a whim, according to set designer John Shaffner.

In a video for Great Big Story, Shaffner reveals that he always starts with a 'sketch model' that is entirely white. He said:

When we were presenting Friends, I presented a white model, and the producer said, ‘Well now, what are we going to do about colour?'

And I said, ‘I think we should paint the set purple’.

People were unsure at first.

Everybody was really anxious about it, until I painted the little model purple. Colour is really important in establishing the show identity. When you switch to Friends, you saw that it was purple and you stay tuned.

And it’s paid off, too. You can’t deny that the apartment is one of the first things that comes to mind when reminiscing about the 90s TV show. Not only that, but people are so enamoured with the apartment that they have tried find it in New York.


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