Tattoo artist reveals the 'sick' serial killer design he declined to ink on customer

Tattoo artist reveals the 'sick' serial killer design he declined to ink on customer
Olivia Colman impressed by fan's tattoo of her face during red carpet …
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Serial killers are a topic of fascination and intrigue and as a result often feature in a range of media formats, whether that be a Netflix series, true crime podcasts or documentaries.

But fascination can quickly turn into obsession as one tattoo artist can vouch for after he recalled the weird design request a customer wanted that he had to decline.

TikToker and tattoo artist Jamie Lo (@jammydodged) often shares his tales from his job but described this one as "honestly shocking."

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"So this lovely young woman comes into me and she’s like ‘I want to get these teeth done,’ and she shows me a picture of real-life teeth," he explained and added how the woman wanted bite marks tattooed on her.

While Jamie assumed that the design was perhaps in reference to the vampire series Twilight,, he was mistaken and the real reason was much darker.

Turns out the woman wanted the bite marks of her "idol," famous serial killer Ted Bundy inked on her body...

"Yeah, I’m just really interested in serial killers. I kind of look up to him," she told Jamie who in the TikTok expressed his disgust and of course declined the client's request, pointing out Bundy "did heinous crimes to poor women."

A couple of months later, and the woman returns to Jamie and has another tattoo request for a portrait.

Initially, Jamie doesn't remember his previous encounter with the woman and got more information about how the client wanted the portrait to be of her "grandfather."

"[She] pulls up a picture, who is it? Ted Bundy," Jamie recalled.

Once again, he refused to ink the serial killer's face on her, but the woman had another surprise...

"She pulls back her hair, what is there? The bite marks of the tattoo of Ted Bundy on her neck... and the teeth," the TikToker said.


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But it didn't end there as the customer also had a tattoo showing a hand in an L-shape.

"I said ‘What does that represent?’ She said ‘That’s the length size, apparently, of Ted Bundy’s penis.'"

To conclude Jame added: "People are f****ing sick in the head! I was actually horrified."

Since sharing the weird request, Jamie's video has received 2.5m views, over 698,000 likes, along with thousands of comments from people who were just as horrified at the story.

One person said: "SHE SAID SHE LOOKED UP TO HIM?!?!"

"WHO IN THE WORLD WOULD ACTUALLY DO THAT," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "The true crime girlies have gone too far."

"Do you need a support group? I think I've been traumatized just hearing this story," a fourth person commented.

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