New Zealander apologises to 'entire UK' for how she ate a Terry's chocolate orange

New Zealander apologises to 'entire UK' for how she ate a Terry's chocolate orange

TikToker apologises 'to entirety of UK' after incorrectly eating chocolate orange


A TikTok user from New Zealand has apologised after committing a cardinal food sin.

Auckland based Jazz Thornton who won Dancing in the Stars in NZ left the whole of the UK reeling when she posted a video of herself taking a huge bite of a Terry's chocolate orange, as if it was an apple or something.

She said she didn't know what it was - the horror - and also didn't know you are meant to whack it on the table to break it apart.

After she was bombarded by comments from people telling her that no, that is absolutely not the way you eat the chocolate, she posted a follow-up video, grovelling to viewers.

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Her apology video addressed to the "entirety of the UK" for doing something "very offensive" but claimed she didn't know that this would cause so much upset.

"Look, I opened it and saw that it was in slices so I assumed that you had to get the slices," she said.

"I tried breaking it apart it with my fingers but that was unsuccessful so I just… bit into it.

"I immediately knew my mistake when I felt the slices in my mouth fall apart.

"I would like to point out my wrapper didn’t say whack to unwrap it!"

"I didn’t know how much of a treatise Terry's chocolate orange was until now, apparently it’s quite a big deal haha."

She added: "I need time to recover. The Brits need time to forgive."

We're not sure we can get over it to be honest.

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