Damning supercut will remind you why Trump wouldn't be a good president right now

Donald Trump explains why Mike Pence will likely not be his 2024 ...

A video shows why anyone who thinks that Donald Trump would be a good leader to take on Vladimir Putin right now, looks a bit silly.

Some have speculated that Putin would not have invaded Ukraine if the former president was in charge, but in a The Daily Show with Trevor Noah montage, a supercut of times people have overestimated the former president's diplomatic capabilities are spliced with clips of Trump himself saying things showing he would be as much use in the Russia war as a damp flannel.

It starts with a clip of Republican senator Lindsey Graham saying "none of this crap" would be happening if Trump was president before showing a clip of Trump siding with Putin in 2018 when he was asked if he believed his own intelligence agencies or the Russian president over allegations of meddling in the 2016 presidential elections.

"President Putin says it's not Russia. I don't see any reason why it would be," he replied.

Another part shows a news report about Trump not mentioning Russian election meddling in an hour long call with Putin in 2019, after a clip of Fox's Larry Kudlow - who served as the Director of the National Economic Council - claiming Trump would have Putin on the phone reading him the riot act if he was still in office.

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A third clip shows Donald Trump Jr vouching for his father before a clip shows Trump called Ukraine "a mess" in 2016 and claimed parts of the Crimea "would rather be with Russia".

Take a look at the video yourself:

Yeah, maybe not the best option after all...

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