There's something quite wrong with this picture

File this under 'you had one job'.

When Romania wanted to mark a meeting of its foreign minister Bogdan Aurescu with his German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier, and the 135 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries, it decided the best way was via a specially-designed commemorative leaflet.

They thought it would be an even better idea to adorn the front of the brochure with outlines of the two countries, with their respective flags overlaid on them.

What would be absolute best, however, would be to get the map of Germany mixed up with a map of France. Wait...

Romania's foreign ministry said in a statement: "Due to a regrettable technical error, exclusively on the cover of the booklet, the border of the maps of Romania and France – with the latter being covered by the German flag – was printed.

"The Romanian foreign minister has directly conveyed profound regret for this situation to his German counterpart."

Romania's diplomats aren't having a great time recently. Only last month the country's embassy in Paris sent out invitations for a reception but attached a document in which guests were described as "ghastly" and "undesirable".

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