Stage your own bloody protest against Donald Trump and Sarah Palin with these period pants

"Bloody Marys Period Panties are the most fun way to have your period. They’re comfy and super cute and feature two things no one else has: attachable heat packs to keep your hands free and your body happy when you have cramps, and Blood Dumpsters," reads the description for a new range of menstruation underwear by Cute Fruit Undies.

The pants not only make your period a little more comfortable, but also allow wearers the chance to bleed all over the faces of 'blood dumpsters' who are going out of their way to set women's rights back a decade or two...

Like Donald Trump, who has, on a number of occasion done his best to undermine women.

Or Sarah Palin, who wants to cut public spending when it comes to abortion and who is pro-life even in the cases of rape.

Or John Kasich who supports cutting all national funding of Planned Parenthood.

While one pair costs £21.79 a percentage of profits go to Planned Parenthood.

Bloody brilliant

H/T: Metro

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