Dave Londres loves beer - so much so that he designed a contraption where it can flow through his living room wall.

The Philadelphia based photographer tells i100.co.uk he and his girlfriend installed the 'kegerator' after buying the house together last year.

Londres carved out a space in the kegerator in the wall with a drywall saw. He then connected it through PVC pipes to a fridge/freezer in his basement, which he keeps kegs in. He drilled holes in the wall to keep the PVC pipes in. Air is pumped using a fan to keep the beer cold.

"It's not a large house, and we want it to look nice. This made us be creative with the placement of lots of things. I had initially thought about hiding the taps a little more, possibly behind a picture frame," he said.

"I was talked out of that idea, and now that little beer window is the highlight of our home," he said. "I have also started homebrewing, so I hope to be pouring my own beer soon.

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For more on how Dave devised the contraption, you can find out more click here.

All pictures courtesy of Dave Londres

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