A mum has shared some of the comments she gets about her daughter’s name on TikTok and people have said it sounds like a fart.

Posting on TikTok, Abbie said she decided to call her daughter Poot as a nickname for Poppy because “her name is unique and special to us” put people hadn’t exactly given her the nicest feedback.


Her name is unique and special to us 🥺💖 #poot #baby #babiesoftiktok #mom #momsoftiktok #babyname #momlife #fyp #4u #babyfever #sass #trend #golittlerockstar #surprise #react #reaction #itsajoke #JBLGreekOut #sasswars

Over a video of Abbie looking at the camera, she put comments she has received about the name. “Poot sounds like a fart,” one person apparently said.

“She’s going to get bullied her entire life,” another comment read.

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But if she thought sharing the mean comments would make people stop, she was wrong. And commenting on the video, one person said:

“Poot is adorable but when she gets older she won’t like it.”

Another wrote: “Poot does sound like a fart though … I’m sorry.”

And a third said: “Poot is adorable name at the age but she is going to get bullied when she’s older so plz change it you still have time she is still little”.

Oh dear. Guess some people will never change their mind about “poot”.

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