Woman discovers boyfriend is living a double life after Googling his name

There is never an easy way to discover that your partner has been dishonest or unfaithful to you but imagine finding out your other half had been living a double life through Google

That’s unfortunately what happened to TikTok user Pris (@priscilluhhbaby) who began to become suspicious of her boyfriend, who she had been dating for a year and a half when he lost his phone while they were on holiday.

In a video she shared at the end of July that has been viewed more than 997,000 times she writes in the caption: “Randomly Googling my boyfriend's name on a Friday night. Finds his baby registry from January this year. Finds out said baby is six months old.”

As the story goes, she travelled home before him and after a few days of not hearing anything from him decided to look up his name on Google. He didn’t have any social media accounts which Pris was aware of but she was dismayed to learn that he was registered as the father of a baby a few towns away.

In a lengthy video, she explains: “So I google him and at first, it was like, regular stuff. Like, old football things and whatever. And then I come across a baby registry that was registered at a Target that is a couple of towns over.” She felt this couldn’t be a coincidence as he has quite a unique name and there would have be a slim chance that a person with the same name would be living so close to her.


Some further investigating with a friend led them to Instagram and Facebook accounts belonging to the child’s mother which featured pictures of Pris’s boyfriend happily posing for photos as a happy member of the family. She has since been unable to get in touch with the man and even sent him the pictures but has been blocked by him.

However, Pris revealed that she was able to get in contact with the mother and despite him denying any knowledge of her existence was able to mert the other woman and discovered that he had done the exact same thing to her.

She adds: “We both started hanging out with him and dating him at the exact same time. And she ended up getting pregnant a few months later. And so he continued to pursue things with her and pursue things with me.”

Speaking to Daily Dot Pris said that although she had not managed to get any closure from her ex-boyfriend she was able to get some sense of relief from the mother of his child. She said: “In a way, I felt like talking to her gave me a bit of closure. Of course, it wasn’t anything I wanted to hear, no one wants to hear about their boyfriend’s secret life haha. But just to be able to talk about it & get how I feeling out did help in a way.”

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