Hilarious TikTok imagines what GPS would sound like if voiced by Schitt’s Creek’s  Moira Rose
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Schitt’s Creek fans, unite!

A new viral TikTok video imagines what a GPS voiced by Moira Rose - the eccentric former soap opera star and wife to Johnny Rose - would sound like.

And it’s so good, fans say they’d pay for the real thing.

Videos of people impersonating Moira and her adult son David’s (Daniel Levy) famous ‘fold in the cheese’ scene have been popular on TikTok for a while.

Now, the matriarch is taking over TikTok again, thanks to comedian and actor Michael Judson Berry.

On Saturday, Judson Berry, who goes by @mjudsonberry, posted a video, captioned “If Moira voiced your GPS,” taking you on a ride through the words of Moira.

The video has amassed 850,000 views.

Check out the full video on Michael Judson Berry’s page here.

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Within the show, Moira had a mix of accents from Canadian to British to American, which turns almost everything she says into pure comedy gold.

So when Judson Berry acts out what our GPS would sound like if Moira replaces Siri, it’s a gem to witness.

Judson Berry accurately impersonates Moira so well that social media couldn’t help but wish for this to be true.

“I would pay good money for Moira to voice my GPS,” wrote one commenter.

“This would make driving so much more fun,” wrote another.

Others want Judson Berry to make a whole family series of the GPS.

“This is so amazing, And this totally needs to be a Rose family series… please do John next,” said a third commenter.

A Schitt’s Creek family GPS would truly be epic. Hopefully, it happens!

Judson Berry is pretty much a Schitt’s Creek obsessive. Here are some of his other rib-tickling social media performances:

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