A bizarre and unexplainable trend has emerged on TikTok where people are claiming that they can travel to different timelines by using “portals” while having a shower.

A Daily Mail report highlights a handful of people on the video-sharing app who claim to have been able to shift into different realities - both intentionally and accidentally - by simply changing the temperature in their shower which allows them to “manifest” the change they desire.

One of the most prominent examples of this comes from Nashville-based model Kady Rox who explains that, while on a school trip in 2017 to Paris, some of her classmates claimed to have missed the flight, despite her sitting near them on the plane home.


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“I remember walking on that aircraft past two of my friends is sitting like three rows behind them. Then the four of us took a taxi back to the apartments we were staying in while we were in school, and I distinctly remember this.

“Two days later they’re talking about they weren’t three rows in front of us And to this day, I have no idea why they remember missing the flight,” says Rox in the TikTok, which she recorded in July.

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In a follow-up video recorded in August, Rox appears to suggest that this timeline shift was an “accident” but she has developed the ability to switch realities on purpose.

In the newer clip, Rox explains that she can use water as “natural portals” and that the “easiest way to skip timelines is to find a portal.”

She adds: “I like using waters I do it in the shower. So sometimes I’ll script or I’ll envision in my mind the timeline, and as I’m in the water I’m shutting the old timeline. When the water stops I stepping out into the timeline.”


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Another TikTok user who claims to have the ability to manifest into desired timelines is “master manifester” Marian Valenza who has released a tutorial video on how to switch realities while using water in the shower.


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“Number one is that you want to give yourself enough time, because you don’t want to rush this. You want to do this with intentionality, Valenza explains.

“Number two, when you go into the shower, soak yourself - we use hot, warm water and really cover your entire body and get soaking wet. And as the water is running through, literally visualise the water cleansing you so that it removes all of your limiting beliefs, the negative thoughts that you have, all the things holding you back from stepping into your highest self, your career success or business success - whatever it is that you want to manifest.”

As you’ve probably guessed by now, people are not literally time travelling or switching realities but it is more like a state of mind and lucid dreaming where people are able to experience the alternative lives that they desire.

Numerous accounts on TikTok have claimed that they have manifested new timelines for themselves through lucid dreams while some have said that they have managed to slip into different realities. Some also claim to have been able to shift into fictional realities such as Harry Potter and visit Hogwarts.

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