Woman claims TikTok keep taking down her videos because her 'boobs are too sexual'

Woman claims TikTok keep taking down her videos because her 'boobs are too sexual'
TikTok Addiction Is A Real Thing

A woman has claimed that her TikTok videos have been taken down by the platform because it has deemed her big boobs as "too sexual."

Arianna Perez (@theredheadgoddess) who posts videos regularly posted one in October last year where she called on TikTok to "stop censoring fat bodies" and added how she has previously been banned for "no reason."

In the clip, the 20-year-old responds to the comment she alleges TikTok made on her content being "too sexual," by noting that this is not the case and believes she is being targeted because of the size of her breasts.

"Well I do have big boobs, but otherwise you guys purposely say that my videos are too sexual when they aren’t," she wrote as the on-screen text caption.

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It gets annoying #stopcensoringfatbodies

After this, Perez then describes how TikTok put the video back up on her account but then proceeded to ban her "for no reason."

Since posting the video, Perez's video had received 94,000 views, as well as comments of support from some of her 118,000 followers.

One person wrote: "Just be yourself Arianna," and "Just grin at the haters and keep looking great," another person said.

Someone else added: "Your videos are just fine, keep up the good work, your fans are soo proud of you."

A fourth person asked: "Sexualised for existing. Do you ever get used to it? I mean it's constant, right?"

To which Perez replied: "Not really. I mostly just try to ignore it. But it doesn’t help when I have fun on TikTok and can’t do the same as others."

Elsewhere, a woman who claimed she was body-shamed by a fellow restaurant-goer who said her chest was "distracting" has been flooded with support online after her tweet about the incident went viral.

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