TikTokers riding bicycles past police get guns pointed at them
Photo courtesy of @riskie_e

In today's social climate, being confronted by law enforcement officials when you're innocent and minding your business can be a terrifying experience.

This became the reality for a TikToker.

On Tuesday, a young man who goes by @riskie_e on TikTok posted a video to the platform that shows himself and a friend riding their bikes by police, only for the officers to pull out their guns and tell them to get on the ground.

The TikToker and the friend can be seen riding their bikes on a path and are about to ride past some police cars. Once they did that, the officers pointed their guns while shouting at the pair.

Evidently frightened by having guns pulled at them, the men asked what they did wrong but complied, getting on the floor and lying on their stomachs before being asked to crawl towards the police car.

Yes, they were asked to crawl.

The video has been watched by more than 3.5 million people, with many having a lot to say about the police's treatment of the young men and using their guns for no apparent reason.

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"I know there are good cops out there, but there are a lot of bad ones also and trigger happy ones that's no reason they should have guns out," read a comment.

Another commenter said the following: "why is cops doing this to people, like the police corruption is starting to increase in recent years, and I am afraid of them, and I distrust them."

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In a string of videos about the moment, The TikToker also revealed that the police had pulled him and the friend over because they "fit the description of a suspect that had just committed robbery."

He also stated that they were handcuffed, fingerprinted, and detained by the police for two to three hours while the officers were investigating the crime in question.

In a particular video, the TikToker tells the police that he and his friend just came back from the 7-Eleven convenience store and can prove it.

'I didn't commit no crime. I just left 7-Eleven... I feel violated right now,' the TikToker says to the police offers. The officers repeatedly said, 'You matched the description," and that's why they were detained.

The men were praised on how they handled the overly confrontational officers.

"When they tell you you're being detained, you did the right thing and invoked the 5th. They should've stopped asking questions after that," read a comment.

"Just cooperate and then sue if you feel necessary. Save time and stay safe. My opinion," read another comment.

Additionally, a commenter commending the TikToker for keeping his composure with the officers as they were going through this situation, saying, "You handled the situation well young blood."

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