Trafalgar Square Christmas tree branded 'anaemic' and a 'turkey'

Trafalgar Square Christmas tree branded 'anaemic' and a 'turkey'

Norway sends Britain a Christmas tree every year by way of thanks for help during World War but this year’s offering has been deemed underwhelming to say the very least.

Westminster Council said the 69ft tree was "a generous gift from the people of Oslo to London" and yet the responses of the locals were not quite so generous.

The British Ambassador to Norway, Richard Wood, defended the gift:

This is what 90-year-old, 25m trees in the wild look like.

It is important to consider the symbolism of the tree rather than simply how many branches it has.

Debate raged online about the “droopy” look of the tree with the users of Twitter all too keen to share their thoughts, especially with Katie Hopkins.

Let's let the tree have the last word, as per its official Twitter account.


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