Donald Trump Jr tried to mock LeBron James and it backfired spectacularly
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Like father, like son.

Similarily to his pops, Donald Trump Jr. has always felt empowered by the access social media gives his thumbs to let his thoughts run free. Because of this, Trump Jr. regularly shares what he believes to be a highly valued opinion on the celebrities and viral moments.

Earlier this week LeBron James had two fans booted from their cushy courtside seats at Gainbridge Fieldhouse in Indianapolis during overtime as a result of the excess insults allegedly hurled.

Although the fans’ exact statements have not been confirmed by James, the athlete later told reporters of his decision to throw them out: “There’s a difference [between] cheering for your team and not wanting the other team to win and things I would never say to a fan and they shouldn’t say to me.”

And on Saturday night Trump Jr. took it upon himself to recirculate the clip on his Instagram, asking: “Is there a bigger bitch in pro sports than LaSnitch?”

He then took it a step further by sharing a photoshopped image of LeBron wearing a ‘Karen’-esque wig we can only hope Trump Jr. himself made the effort to edit.

He captioned the photo, “LaKaren wants to speak to the manager!!!”

LeBron James may or may not have seen Don Jr.’s IG posts, but his supporters definitely have and they’ve come in herds to defend the NBA star online. While the politician’s son limited his comments on social media, people shared their thoughts on the interaction on Twitter.

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“I wonder if Don Jr wants to call LeBron a bitch to his face. Or is he only tough on Twitter like his draft-dodging daddy?,” wrote Rex Chapman.

Jemele Hill tweeted: “Don Jr. called LeBron a “bitch,” knowing full well he wouldn’t do shit but ask for an autograph if he ever saw LeBron face to face. Also, the irony of calling another man a bitch while limiting the comments on your post …”

Others compared LeBron’s long list of accomplishments to Don Jr.s.

Another wrote: “And .@DonaldJTrumpJr called .@KingJames a bitch? Look, I don't know thing one about basketball or whom plays the sport but I know a good human when I see one. I've heard of this gentleman's selfless deeds for years and that makes me love the guy. Plus he's been on #TeenTitansGo!”

Safe to say his social media posts did not have the slam dunk Don Jr. was hoping for. Perhaps he can ask LeBron for pointers in this area?

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