People think these turkeys circling a dead cat are a sign of something much more sinister


Something very disturbing was captured on video in Boston.

This clip shows wild turkeys circling a dead cat that is lying in road.

That’s not normal turkey behaviour.

Are they trying to resurrect the cat? Is this some sort of satanic ritual? A turkey death cult? Viral marketing for the next season of American Horror Story?

The Verge spoke bird behavioural expert Alan Krakauer, who said that turkeys often slowly investigate potential predators (such as cats) by cautiously creeping around them.

During my studies of wild turkeys I watched a coyote trot through a group of turkeys — the turkeys gave it some space but acted alert in a similar manner to this video.

In that instance the coyote kept walking and the turkeys went back to their business.

However, in this video, the dead cat 'predator' doesn't get up to leave, and the turkeys appear to be kind of stuck in their pattern of behaviour.

Maybe they are waiting to see if the cat wakes up?

Whatever it is, we’re freaked out, as was everyone else on Twitter:

And it inspired a music video:


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