Twitter drops major new feature and people are freaking out

Twitter drops major new feature and people are freaking out
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Introducing: yet another Twitter feature.

Forget about the occasional glitches, Twitter has more exciting features being added to it, seemingly every month.

On Thursday, Twitter introduced yet another new element to the social media platform which will allow users to see how many times a person saves a tweet.

The new ‘bookmark’ icon is now visible publicly, sitting comfortably between the ‘like’ icon and the ‘send’ icon.

Just like people can see how many times a tweet has been ‘liked’ they can now see how many people have saved it.

How TikTok of Twitter.

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Bookmarks have been available on Twitter for years, allowing people to save tweets they’ve seen without having to like or retweet them- which could make them publicly available to other people.

In recent months, the platform has pushed people to use bookmarks more frequently. The introduction of bookmark analytics may push people to save more tweets than before.

Despite the number of bookmarks being public, a user’s bookmarks still remain private.

However, Twitter users did not take kindly to the new feature.

Many did not want to see the people who have bookmarked their tweets.

Others felt the new bookmark views were useless, believing other features should be fixed or implemented before.

Other social media platforms allow people to see “saved” posts, like TikTok. But some, like Instagram, only allow individuals people to see how many people have saved their posts.

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