Foodie infuriates entire internet by refusing to share where they bought delicious-looking food
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Twitter has lit up with a debate about “gatekeeping” food after one user labelled those that don’t give details of the outlet of where they got their yummy looking eats “corny”

@ignantjc posted a screenshot of two take away containers, a rice dish and a portion of messy fries, which had a caption that read “Just stop asking where. I ain’t tell ya. Go adventure and you’ll find it.”

Underneath, a conversation began about how weird this was, why people liked doing this and why this was so annoying.

The discussion was mainly unified about how outrageous was, agreeing with the disdain from the original post.

Withholding the information meant the owners were missing out on revenue.

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However, some felt they should be able to find the information just how they did, like a little adventure of sorts.

Some felt this zipped lips policy was particularly horrible because how local businesses were struggling because of Covid.

Others enjoyed spreading the word because it reflected well on them.

However, some pointed out they did not want their favourite spots to get too crowded

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